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209 Gin 46% (Contemporary classic) £3.80
On the nose, spicy citrus notes with mellow juniper. The taste is citrus forward but not overbearing allowing the warmth of coriander and cardamom to surface. Excellent in a Gin and Tonic with a slice of grapefruit.

Bombay Sapphire 40% (Classic)£2.80
Subtle notes of spice and coriander. Smooth with a Lavender and floral finish. A crowd favourite in a refreshing Gin and Tonic.

Boodles 40% (Contemporary)£3.00
Smooth and sweet, subtle juniper and coriander flavour. Winston Churchill’s choice of gin the flavour is herbal and woody. Perfect gin for a Vespa or Martini.

Broker’s Gin 47% (Classic) £2.60
Sweet, bright citrus with green piny juniper. A dapper and versatile gin great with orange. Great in fruity and classic cocktails.

Brooklyn 40% (Craft/Contemporary) £4.20
Vibrant surge of citrus aromas. Lime and sweet orange with juniper and lavender in the background. On the palate the zestiness continues with a slight hint of spice and notes of chai. Smooth and easy to drink but best in a Gin and Tonic.

Chase GB Gin 40% (Contemporary) £3.20
On the nose, zesty citrus with warm spicy notes. Full bodied gin, robust juniper, lemon and a hint of dark chocolate flavour. The finish is dry, we suggest a Gin and Tonic with lemon and ginger.

Eden Mill Original 42% (Contemporary) £3.20
An unusual gin flavoured with sea buckthorn berries. The result is a tart berry zing but is well balanced with lemon citrus and a hint of cranberry. A clean and sweet taste perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Hayman’s Sloe Gin 26% (Cordial) £2.80
Strawberries, orange, ripe fruit and slightly spicy aromas. Plum, cherry and pink grapefruit flavours, we recommend a sloe gin Fizz.

Hendrick’s Gin 41.4% (Contemporary) £3.50
Distinctive and recognisable. Key flavours of juniper, cucumber and rose. Balanced fresh and floral aroma that continues on the palate. We suggest a Gin and Tonic with cucumber and rose petal.

Jensen’s Old Tom 43% £3.40
Old Tom is complex and intensely flavoured. Long lasting herbal spices, aromas of fresh pine with citrus and lavender. A smooth and sweet finish great in a Martini.

King of Soho 42% £3.80
Smooth and full-bodied, soft juniper, coriander and high citrus botanicals. Tangy grapefruit peel flavours and a soft warming spice finish. Great with pink grapefruit in a Gin and Tonic.

Martin Miller’s Gin 40% (Contemporary) £2.80
On the nose: orange zest with a hint of liquorice. Orange, cucumber and pine with a medium length dry finish.

Pinkster Gin 37.5% £3.30 Fruitiness and sweetness are clear on the palate, but are well-balanced with black pepper and gentle spice. Raspberries, although prominent are not overpowering leaving plenty of room for the juniper to come through. Ideal for a summer’s day Gin and Tonic or a twist on a Mojito.

Plymouth Gin 41.2% (Classic) £2.80
Creamy and confident, on the nose it’s gentle with pine, juniper and coriander. A sweet finish great for mixing and sipping on it’s own.

Portobello Road No 171 42% £2.80
No-nonsense bar staple, on the those hot white pepper, plenty of juniper and berries. Fresh citrus character on the palate with soft notes of lemon grass. The finish is dry, fresh and cleansing.

Tanqueray 43.1% (Classic) £2.80
An iconic gin name, perfect blend of botanicals; juniper coriander, angelica and liquorice and even more going on behind the scenes. Makes a refreshing and colourful Gin and Tonic.

Williams Chase Seville Orange Gin 40% (Flavoured) £4.20
Intense fresh citrus flavours, on the nose is a colourful tangerine and lemon delight. The taste in undoubtedly orange but retains classic gin impressions of juniper and coriander. Fantastic in cocktails, try in a Collins.